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Nimbus hire consultancy services are based on selecting the skilled person. While it is true that recruitment processes have never been idle, on the contrary, each change in the market brings with it new trends. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing guide can help your corporation attract better applicants, manage their incorporation to the firm, and improve a large number of recruiting features.

Five reasons why you should implement the RPO model in your corporation:

Your firm does not have the optimized tools and technologies to execute the talent attraction processes?

Nimbus hire has the services of the best consultancy in Delhi that plays a significant role when it comes to finding the best talent. We are the specialists that empower you to recognize passive-viable applicants, enroll hiring talent, and lessen hiring time, enhancing their experience.

Do you want to reduce expenses and at the same time continue to acquire the most qualified talent for your company?

Corporations continue to search for productive ways to reduce expenses and enhance work efficiency. RPO offers a balance that enhances the recruitment process's nature, which is reflected in the talent selection results. The RPO model also enhances employee retention, mitigating expenses associated with turnover.

Does your company need to improve metrics and stay informed for decision making?

Job placement agency in Delhi

The solutions provided by the RPO are aligned with the fulfillment of the objectives that your company requires. To generate quantifiable data and metrics in the process of executing the recruitment program on a day-to-day basis, you have to get along with the placement agency in Delhi.

Does your recruitment present obstacles in cultural matters?

The RPO models present innovative solutions regarding the execution of specialized processes in various areas of the continent or even the world. A provider of this type is prepared to face the challenges and goals proposed by companies with multicultural teams, with the ability to offer growth concerning the workforce.

Are you not content with your recruitment processes?

Using an RPO model will allow you to generate access to a great variety of quality choices to achieve satisfactory recruitment processes. A specialist of the job consultancy in Delhi will help you succeed, locally and globally, with the expertise you need to break down barriers and attract the talent you need.

Nimbus ensures the maximum conversion of the talent to the requested profile thanks to our professionals. Our integration into the company's knowledge and values ​​, the experience, approach to internal customers, and the better understanding of the position and the necessary skills to cover the function lead us to the best service quality ratios (in 98% of the processes is never requested replacement).

Here’s how Nimbus Hire will benefit Your Corporation:

Job placement agency in Delhi

Complete solutions adapted to customer needs:

Nimbus offers the ability to take 100% responsibility for talent identification and selection procedures from a multi-channel perspective. Through the end-to-end RPO model, the client can completely disregard the process but also has the possibility to opt for other formats, such as functional RPO (transfer of responsibility of parts of the process), services of the best consultancy in Delhi, or RPO by the project (complete or partial transfer but only for a certain period of time).

Reporting and analysis:

A successful selection process is completed with follow-up work after recruitment and onboarding. All stages of the process are evaluated to make better future decisions and develop a constant review and improvement work. The critical reporting points are the time for presenting candidates, coverage, and hiring, the ratio of candidates, demonstrated, the rate of acceptance of offers, and the satisfaction of stakeholders, among others, indicators that evolve or change so that they are always aligned.


Outsourcing a selection process guarantees greater objectivity and standardization. Candidates are evaluated under the same process and criteria, so they live the same experience according to the designed candidate journey. It is an added value that stimulates internal and external confidence, potential candidates, and the organization's professionals.

At Nimbus Hire, your requirements are our solutions. We understand the value of an employee and the quality an applicant can bring to the company. Our recruitment process is thoroughly based on research & analysis that helps companies hire candidates that bring development and innovation to the corporation.

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