Never Give-Up Attitude

We love to answer this question

We have a process driven organization and has a culture which adopts continuous improvements. We are the people who uses a blend of classic style of recruitment along with modern techniques. We have expertise in Social Hiring (Social media like facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube (Video resumes), etc. We use SEO techniques including Boolean searches to dig the internet to find the resumes form the deep internet. Here I am presenting strong reasons to work with us, please go through it once.


Strong Recruitment process workflow

We love to answer this question

We use all the channels of resume sourcing, so you get the wider range of talent pool. Nimbus Hire Recruitment Process Workflow enables our recruiters to target the candidates from different sources. They use it very effectively.

The recruitment process starts at the moment when you share the new requirement with us. In this figure we have tried to explain it graphically. Once we receive a new requirement from you the respective manager do a kick off meeting with the recruiters who are assigned to work on it. The manager explains the requirement to them (This process ensures minimum CV rejection at your end). After analysis phase we post the jobs on various sites and go on searching resumes on premium job boards. If requirement is of a niche kind we deploy our headhunting team to identify the candidates from passive sources. We take primary interview of each candidates once we find it suitable we share their resumes to you for further process. Thus you get all those candidates who are exact match for your requirements. Though this workflow is our standard way of work but we tweak in it on case to case basis.


We are your team B

We partner with you in your day to day requirements and work with you as one of your extended team. We lower your work load, minimize the resume screening process. You can rely on us and can ask us on delivery status. Your team reports you so that you should be aware of the search and hiring status. We believe in transparent work culture, so we update you by actual status of your requirement. Our this practice helps you to communicate your stake holders accordingly. Nimbus Hire Teams promises you

Here, we claim ourselves specialists of ACCURACY AND PUNCTUALITY and we do not GIVE-UP on hard to hire requirements. We invite you to experience the difference. We always research on these areas to provide you better services.


No false commitments.

We talk on facts and figures, rather than hypothetical contents. Once we take a work in hand we do a proper research on it. If we talk about recruitment we exhaust our complete recruitment process and then we come to a conclusion with facts and numbers. Time to time we do a market research on popular and latest skills to make our recruiters ready to exploit the market before anyone else can do.So not just commitments we deliver result. We do not commit which is not achievable.


Dedicated, highly qualified (MBAs/Engineering)

Our employees are well qualified in their respective fields. Once you choose our RPO services they work dedicatedly on your requirements. They are so well trained that they can perform the work smoothly.They are easy to manage and can work with no supervision. We train our staff every now and then, in order to keep them updated. Sometimes we hire external trainer or sometime one of us train them on various HR skills and techniques of recruitment. Our IT recruitment team gets a daily knowledge sharing session that enhances their IT skills understandings. This enables them to hire for any niche skills. They are also given training on Software Development Life Cycle and different phases of it. So that, they can relate the Job description with the actual scenario and can identify the best possible talent for our clients.

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State of the art infrastructure with high speed internet.

Nimbus has a failsafe state of the art infrastructure. We do not stop because of power failure, Internet disconnection, phone disorder, or any other technical failure reason. If it requires we can provide our services 24x7. We have automated our most of the process and we are providing infrastructure of international class. Our employees are getting the best amenities in its class. It also improves the quality of work life. We follow all the electronic surveillance measures and we capture the attendance and leave on biometric devices.

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Information Privacy and Security

Our all employees follow the confidentiality clause very seriously. And we make sure that no peace of information should go in public without our client’s consent. During the work if we have collected some information or you have shared some confidential information with us we use it for work purpose only and that is too with your prior permission. We have a system in place that prevents online and digital theft. So, your data is totally secure with us and will remain secure always. Further number of people who can access our central server. Thus we have minimized the risk of theft. Further we secure your data with password encryption.

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Fulfillment of Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Once we agree on certain terms we call it Service Level Agreement (SLA). Already we have shared we are not just doing commitments rather we fulfill the commitments. SLA is just not a Document for us , it is a doctrine for us to work with you. We know if we stick to the SLA we can provide you better services. We understand that we have agreed on SLA after a good negotiation with you so we consider it a final guideline for us. Still if we fill that there is scope of improvement in it, we ask your opinion on the same.

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Work Ethics

Long term relationship stands on strong ethical values. We believe in a long term association with our clients. In our every approach we try not to break the codes of ethics between us and our clients. Ethics related to data security, confidentiality, etc. Though we are transparent enough in our daily approach to work, still we keep a light curtain between our client and candidates. Just to avoid any conflict of interests. We are totally against bribes and similar things. When we talk about ethics we make it clear we are not charging any money from the candidates. We get the money from our clients. We are answerable to each of our stakeholders and on question we provide the correct information to them.

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Healthy Professional relationship

We all know that we have to sustain in the market , together. So why not, continue our alliances with good faith and trust. We believe our clients and trust them. We believe in open talk on any topic. It improves our relationship and helps us to understand each other. A healthy professional relationship is the key to successful and fruitful association. In case of conflict we give priority to our association rather than a subtle topic. It is our work culture that everyone should maintain a happy and healthy relationship with our clients and candidates.

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Quality / Accuracy

Our major focus is to provide you quality work. Day by day we are improving our standard of work so that you get the best of its. Quality and accuracy is our specialty. Our team make strategies that can improve the quality of work. Accuracy in work makes us credible and continuing the accuracy always make our work quality work. Quality and Accuracy together creates a magic of success. Our clients have such privileges to get benefitted with our professional approach. We always try to improve our quality of work and look for possible enhancements. Our clients feedback is a major tool to measure the quality of our work. We take your feedback and critics on priority and improve ourselves so that you get the best of our services.

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Punctuality is the soul of any business, and we follow it religiously. Punctual means rightly on time with the right solution. We bring you the same. Quality and accuracy on time and that is our punctuality. We follow TAT, we adhere to SLA and we provide you right solution when you need it most, because we are punctual in our service delivery. We understand our client’s time is equally important to us as ours.

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