We provide our services to across the Domains and Indian geographies. Whether you want your employees on roll or off roll we are serving you as per your needs. We are providing both Contract employees and Permanent employees for your requirements.

  • Contract Staffing   
    We provide contract staffing to every one: No matter if you are an Individual, Start-up or an established company. Our Contract Staffing service will help you to quickly deploy the qualified consultant(s) in your project as many as are required to cover up the short-term and long-term requirements. Payment terms varies with the terms of contract.

    Benefits: Immediate availability of the consultants, Cost effective, We take care of Payroll of the consultants. Can increase or decrease the number as per your needs.

  • Permanent Hiring/Staffing:   
    When you want to hire Permanent employees or regular employees we are here to support you for all your requirements across the level and verticals of the organizations. We offer this services to all the Start-ups to established organizations. You pay only once when you hire the candidates and they join your organization.

    We support you in your permanent ongoing hiring needs. Our recruiters work as extended part of your talent acquisition team. They interact with you daily and they work exclusively on your requirements. They co-ordinate with you and the candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle until the selected candidates joins your organization.

Fresh Graduates Hiring

Recruiting Fresh Graduates is currently a rising trend in the industry. The possibility of identifying the future leaders at the earliest stage is very difficult. It requires a lot of planned strategy to identify the one among the group of students. It also requires a lot of time to screen the large number of fresh graduates for your business. What we do? We work closely with you to chalk out a strategy to attract the best talent from the top colleges in India. If you opt for this service you get those fresh graduates who are already screened by us and have been tested against the parameters like communication skills, knowledge and IQ level.