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Story of becoming a Tree from a seed.

Seed has no Idea why it has been buried under the soil. It may be possible if it could speak it would have shouted to get it out of that soil. Someone watered it, the sun bestowed it with its energy. With the course of time it sprouted and grew in a tiny budding plant. The seed has become a plant now, we will call it “Groot”. It is so happy swinging with the breeze. Look at the dark cloud they want to play with the little Groot. Oh! it’s a rainy season. Mild showers made it grow larger, and heavy rainfall made it scared. It continued with the course of events and stood tall. It saw cycle of seasons Cold nights of Winters and hotter Days of Summers; good and bad times of each of the seasons. Now Groot is a big tree and still it is growing larger and higher. It never lost its patience and it has been persistent in every situation. Groot is now a big giant tree. It provides shade to creatures and is a home for many birds and bugs.


I hope you liked the story,


My dear Star-up friends you are the seed now. Challenges of business are like bad times of the seasons. Be the Groot and stand tall in every situation. With the course of time you will grow and prosper, that is for sure. Never give up in life. If the seed had gave up it could have never been the Groot!. So you think, challenges are seasons and you have to face it with patience. Nothing can stop you from growing up.

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Sameer Sinha