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Frontend Developer

Full Time

Job Title : Senior Front End Developer 
Location : Mumbai 
Experience : 4yrs - 8 yrs 
No. of Positions : 5 
Qualification : Graduate 
Skill Sets : Hands-on experience in working with JS *Experience in using advanced concepts of Javascript such as, Objects, Functions, Arrays, Concept of ‘this’, Function Overloading, Object Oriented Javascript and Prototypal Inheritance, Concept of strict mode and when to use it, Experience on any of the well known Javascript frameworks such as React and Node.js


  • Design and develop back end business logic and integration plug ins using Node.js, MongoDB and MySQL
  • Deploy Node.js applications as microservies in a cloud infrastructure such as Amazon
  • Work closely with Graphics Designer to realise the designer’s concept into a developed application using ReactJS and ReactNative
  • Develop reusable visual components to improve visual look and feel, performance and most importantly substantially improve productivity of developing digital experience application
  • Continuously monitor user experience framework technology landscape, select best option to migrate to for future and develop a migration path
  • Develop application based on user requirements and integrate with backend services
  • Handhold and mentor junior resources.
  • Participate in business development activities for the organization such as response to RFPs, Client presentations & demos, working closely with marketing agency etc.
  • Participate in brand development activities such as exhibitions, competitions, workshops etc.
  • Participate in organization development activities such as recruitment, process improvement etc.

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