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Business Development Executive

Full Time

Job Title :  Business  Development Executive 
Department : Sales/Business Development 
Location : Delhi 
Qualification : B.Tech/M.B.A/Technical Degree
Skill Sets : Corporate Sales,B2B Sales
Experience : 1 yrs - 5 yrs 
No. of Positions : 10 

Roles And Responsibilities : 1)
 Introducing the company to potential clients through direct communication via telephone/ meeting and emails.  2) Spreading Awareness regarding Indoor Air pollution/Indoor Air Quality or making people aware about the quality of Air they breathe by specific mailing to the prospective clients. 
3) Market Research related to Air Pollution and Indoor Air Quality and creating database and managing the data.
4) Communicate with Embassies, NGOs, Media Houses, and Corporate for Air Quality awareness.
5) Providing sales support to other sales staff.
 Generation of New Enquiries & New Customers. Keeping record of inquiries and taking regular follow ups of the inquiries with prospective clients.
7) Lead generation of Projects and mapping of projects.
8) Develop relationships with the architectural and design community to create specification of products and to increase the reach of products with a goal of driving increased revenues.
9)  Develop and maintain relationships with key industry contacts including
 Architects, Interior designers, Consultants Corporate houses, Builders, Contractors and end users.
 Provide on-going technical expertise, guidance and education to Influencers through regular calls and through active participation in key networking events.
 Develop sales strategies and techniques based on customer comments and market conditions.
12) Complete monthly directives based on management instructions and achieve measurable goals.
13) Project Mapping, Competitor mapping & Territory mapping.
 Tracking Enquiries & respond via email or telecommunication (making quotations)


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