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Stand Out With Video Resumes

Videos change everything and are known as the present form of content. There are recent articles about how Google has begun to use Youtube embeds on all their blog posts providing a different kind of content for their users.


“IBM and NFL” have started videos for all their business, email to conference calls to staff meetings.  Teachers use videos to teach classrooms online.  It is a little difficult to imagine any sort of website or business that wouldn’t benefit from using videos. It makes sense to create video resumes.

If you are a young professional looking for a job, it is best to create a video resume for yourself.

 Think of how Video Resumes can be a game changer:

Stands out from the crowd

A certain percentage of resumes have a dry verbiage and bland format with impersonal data.  If you are the applicant for the position that has a link to a video resume, ask yourself what the odds are of you setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition? The chances are pretty good. A tiny percentage of applicants have been receiving better with paper resumes, implementing witty images and even innovative with the layout or font choice.

Videos are a natural extension of creativity. In the current economic climate, it is essential that you take use the advantage whichever way you want.

Shows Your Personality

Your eyes tend to gloss over the first few resumes for the position of a manager. They all run together after sometime and you end up with 50 pieces of paper that have no clear distinction among them. Video showcases a potential employer what you like, sound and act like. It is like the first step of a screening interview.

It is like an email that can recreate the nuances of non-verbal communication or vocal inflection, a paper resume shows an employer a portion of what you have to offer. Videos showcase a bigger and clearer picture.


If you are on the lookout for a skill-based job, videos give you a chance to present your abilities, in a whole new manner.  A traditional resume lets you brag about yourself. There are several advantages of a video resume, the mentioned above are some of the biggest ones.  A lot of us are used to making phone calls, now the tables have turned. We can use Skype with videos. We would type into chat room boxes, but now we can actually facetime and video chat.

Videos are taking over the forms of communication and there is no reason why resumes should be any different.


Nupur Luthra