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Rebrand Yourself with a Selfie Resume In 2018

There are a few words that often appear on every resume that a recruiter screens.  With various technologies and software used by recruiters to screen profiles, it becomes common to see several mindless adjectives written all over the resume. Boring is the one word often used to describe the countless resumes filled with gunk.

“Selfie”, an Australian in origin, made its entry in the Oxford English Dictionary, thanks to its constant usage since 2005. Along with making its entry into the dictionary, at the same time, selfies started springing up in the industry. The several adjectives that most hiring managers see today in their resumes are a testament to this phenomenon.

The use of adjectives may not be a new trend in the employment market, but the trend to market and brand oneself had several folds in 2013. With the idea of new hiring trends, candidates have began to reinvent themselves with blogging and branding themselves to set themselves apart from the other candidates who have applied for the same job.

 Having said this, if there is a way you are looking to reinvent yourself, then there are a couple of ways to rebrand yourself via a selfie resume.




Use Adverbs instead of Adjectives


Adjectives are good as they look and sound good on a resume. If you want to come across as meaningful, limit your adjectives and change most of them with adverbs or adverbial clauses and phrases.  At a glance, the recruiter should be able to see how successful you have been and how perfect your work is. Adverbs will talk about your value and will give them an overview of the manner in which you delivered value to your team and organization.


Give Examples

Be open about your awards, honors and achievements. Simply saying you have won several awards will not be enough when rebranding yourself. Give examples of what impact you have made and awards you’ve gotten. Feed your data with business output created and impacted.



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